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Question to Help You Get Started

Who...What...Where...  When...Why...How...

Who ........?

is he, she
is important, not important
did it
started it..stopped it
was he, she , it,
are they
invented or created ____
made a contribution
is the best, worst
designed or discovered it
wrote, sang, performed ____
was involved in or not involved in
are the opposing forces
are the contributors, distractors, antagonists
wanted to ____
helped, assisted, cooperated
developed , destroyed ____
can help
is right or wrong about ____
has the power to ____
monitors the safety of ____
was involved, in charge, main character
caused it to happen
was missing, left, changed
set the record
made the difference
could have ____
developed ____
is in charge of ____
who is the leader or ruler of ____
is the author of ____

What ........?

is a ____
is ____like
shape, texture, size, color , form is it
is the history of ____
does it look like
are the details of ____
are the facts and figures of ____
type of ____are found in ____
is the proof of it
modifications have been considered
are they feeling, hearing, seeing, doing
kinds of  ____ can be found in ____
does ____ say  about ____
is the meaning of  ____
ever happened to ____
will be used in ____
is the difference between ____ and ____
are the special concerns, considerations for
is the mechanism responsible for ____
is the most common, least common ____
are the safety rules for ____
are the secrets of ____
is the engineering behind ____
is the chemistry of ____
is the evidence for ____
are the sources of ____
brand of ____ is best
is the biography of
are the duties and responsibilities  of ____
kind is better, faster, bigger, heavier, etc.
happened in ____
is the explanation of
codes apply to ____
are the Procedures Involved
is the current condition of ____
are some alternatives
is your idea for the perfect ____
causes the change
are the variables
are the chain of events that led to ____
is the chemistry of ____
is your favorite ____ 
factors affect ____
are the parts of
affects the strength of ____
are the most popular ____
are the laws the govern ____
is the cycle of ____
research is being done in ____
are the uses of
are the standards for ____
is the reason for ____
happens when ____
is the general theory of operation of ____
is the point of ____
design features were incorporated
considerations determine ____
prior knowledge is necessary
are the major sources of ____

Where ....?

did it happen, occur, develope, change
is it, was it
did it start. end
is it located - world, universe, time, space
is the evidence found
in reference to other things is it located
does  it come from
did it go, come from,
does ____ come from
does he, she, it, live
was it made, discovered, developed,
is it used, found, kept
was it
are the most or least found
is it found, not found
can it happen, can't happen
can you find information on ____
in the world is ____
does it happen most often, least often
can it be
has it gone
is it headed
does it - work,  help, happen, live,  fit in, go


if  he ____
are the benefits of ____
is the advantage, disadvantage of ____
is it, was it
happened, developed, changed
do ____ prefer, like, need, want
does it, did it
causes  it
is the relationship of ____ and ____
are the measurements of ____
is the correct way to ____
determines the size of ____
was the event
does ____ stand for
is  the object
is the description of ____
are the requirements for ____
is the function of ____
is the purpose for ____
do you think about ____
happens to ____ in ____
are the best type of
are the best and worst of
is the effect of ____ on  ____
is the history of
is missing, needed, necessary
is the conflict, argument,
is the setting, location, time period,
what are the results
did  he, she it, they do
factors affect ____
is the treatment for ____
is the difference between ____ and ____
size is it
are the pro's and con's
does it look like, not look like
does it resemble, not resembel
protective equipment is needed for ____
can it do, hear, see, feel, make,
can't it do, hear see, feel, make
major advances have been mad in ____
does it - eat, like, use, mean, do, matter
is the same, opposite. reverse,contrary
facts prove or disprove the theory of ____
is  the opposite, same
governs it
are some examples of ____
are the scientific principles behind it
safety procedures should be followed for ____
evaluation instruments are used
are the chemical reactions that produce ____
are the practical applications of ____
factors affect the rate and size of ____

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